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8:58 am

How to set up Memcached on a WordPress-based website (tutorial)

WordPress is indeed an amazing application, which has long since settled in the hearts of users. With its reliable back-end, user-friendly front-end and tons of fancy themes coming out every day, it's perhaps the best tool to start your new blog or web hosting store (or whatever other type of site you might think of)[continue...]

12:48 pm

9 proven tricks to protect your WordPress site from attacks (2016 update)

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS solutions available today. As such, it is being used by a very large number of websites on our network. However, its popularity among users also means that it’s extremely popular amongst hackers as well.  Here are 9 proven tricks to protect your WordPress site from attacks: 1.[continue...]

3:35 pm

30 Day Free Trial for all KTX Hosting web hosting packages

Take advantage of KTX Hosting’s new 30 day free trial and when you do decide to purchase hosting from us, you will get a  30-day money-back guarantee! Prospective customers will be given a 30-day free trial period, within which they can try out our web hosting services and semi-dedicated hosting services instead of rushing into[continue...]

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